How Long Will My Latex Pillows Last

How Long Will My Latex Pillows Last

Purchasing new pillows can be a leap of faith. There are so many options on the market and it can be hard to pick just one. Choosing a latex pillow is definitely a step in the right direction. With so many health benefits that latex pillows provide, it is a natural choice. There is one question many people ask though, “How long do latex pillows last?” We have the answer for you.

How long do latex pillows last?

Please keep in mind that a lot of variables decide the life of a pillow. Things like manufacturer, care, and the environment the pillow are kept in can contribute to its lifespan. While we can give you a general idea of how long a pillow should be able to last, it is important that you learn how to care for your latex pillow.

How long does a latex pillow last?

The average latex pillow will last for three to four years if properly cared for. Because of the quality of materials, ease of cleaning, and the ability to use safe covers, latex pillows can have a longer life span. While many experts suggest switching out pillows every six months to a year, a latex pillow is an exception to this rule. There are a few ways to make your latex pillow last longer though.

5 Ways to make a latex pillow last longer

  1. Clean it regularly - As with all pillows, latex pillows are used daily and can get dirty. While you can change out the covers more easily it can help to safely wash your pillow once every few months to keep it clean. Make sure that when you wash it you are doing it the correct way as improper cleaning can damage the pillow.
  2. Wash it according to manufacturer recommendations - Latex pillows cannot be placed in the washer and dryer to clean them. Instead, most latex pillows will need to be hand washed and air dried to be more effectively cleaned. Follow all manufacturer recommendations to avoid damaging the pillow or causing mold growth.
  3. Take advantage of simple cleaning tips - Sometimes it can help to do small spot cleans on your pillow. If there has been a small spill or mess you may not need to wash the entire pillow. This would be the time for simple cleaning with a bit of water and an organic washcloth. Do not use any harsh cleaning products or scented sprays when cleaning as these can damage the pillow.
  4. Avoid eating/drinking around your pillow - Food and drink can spill on the pillow and cause messes that will involve more than a quick spot cleaning. Whether it’s a bedroll pillow, side sleeper pillow, or even a neck roll pillow, you will want to avoid spilling food or drinks on your pillow. If you do spill any of these items, make sure to do a quick spot cleaning so they do not stain your pillow.
  5. Use an organic pillowcase - Using a quality organic pillowcase will help you to avoid having to clean the pillow as frequently. Pick out a pillowcase that is easily washed and can protect your latex pillow. It can help to pick out a pillowcase that is organic and allergy-friendly to go with the pillow. Using a safe pillowcase can protect your latex pillows much longer than a traditional pillowcase might. 

When should you change your latex pillow?

While latex pillows have a longer shelf life, they will eventually need to be changed. It can be hard to decide when it is time to buy a new pillow. However, there are some quick warning signs that will tell you it is definitely time. You may not have to switch out latex pillows as often, but they will still need to be replaced every few years. Here are a few things to look for.

5 Ways to know it’s time to replace a latex pillow

  1. The pillow has been damaged - While people try their best to care for latex pillows in the right way, sometimes they can be damaged. This could be from running them through a washer/dryer or from wringing them out in the water. These types of cleaning methods can warp a latex pillow and make it less useful. If this happens to your pillow, it is time to replace it with a new one.
  2. When it loses its form/support abilities - While latex pillows can be fantastic because they conform to the neck and head of the person using them, they can lose this ability over time. If you start to notice that your latex pillow is not supporting you in the way that it should, it may be time to replace it. Over time the latex can break down and it is perfectly normal to replace them when this happens.
  3. Your sleeping position changes - Sleeping positions can change over time. Some pillows are designed with a specific sleeping position in mind. For instance, if you purchased a side sleeper pillow and switch to sleeping on your back, you will need to switch to a back sleeper pillow. The goal is to make sure you are using a pillow that will best support you.
  4. Stains that aren’t removable - Cleaning regularly can remove a variety of messes. However, stains can sometimes happen with even the best pillow. If you find that there are stains from oils, sweat, or spills, it is important to replace your pillow. When you start to see these stains you will want to replace the pillow as these stains can work against the hypoallergenic properties of the pillow.
  5. You notice allergic reactions - If you start to notice more allergies when waking up in the morning, it may be time to consider replacing your pillow. While latex pillows are hypoallergenic, time can break down this capability. If your pillow starts to hold dust more or bacteria, you may find more allergy responses when you wake up. Start by trying a simple pillowcase switch. If this doesn’t work, it may be time to switch out your latex pillow for a new one.
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