How to Care for Latex Pillows

How to Care for Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are a luxury bedding product that can bring years of restful nights. They offer support for sleepers with firmer pillows. The natural latex material also tends to last longer and have fewer allergens. Another benefit is that they last longer. One of the most important things is learning how to care for latex pillows in the right way.

Latex Pillow Care Tips

Washing a latex pillow

Latex pillows should not be washed in a traditional washing machine.  Care for a latex pillow involves a different set of steps. You can still keep it clean and fresh. You will just have to change your approach to washing pillows.

Steps for washing latex pillows:

  • Fill your sink or a bucket with warm water and laundry detergent - You will want to use a high efficiency gentle laundry soap for washing these pillows. Avoiding scented laundry soap will help maintain the allergy benefits.
  • Do not put the pillow in the water - You will be using the solution to clean your pillow but you will not want to submerge the pillow in the solution.
  • Soak a clean towel in the solution and wring out completely - You will be using this towel to wash your pillow. Make sure to wring out all excess moisture.
  • Blot the pillow with your towel while paying special attention to any stains - It’s important that you blot the pillow instead of drenching it with water. Use your towel to wash any areas that might stain or have dirt.
  • After blotting, wrap the pillow in two dry towels - Use these to press out any excess moisture from the pillow. You will want to remove as much moisture from the pillow as possible.
  • Air dry pillow on a flat surface away - This will give your pillow time to dry completely. Don’t add a pillowcase until the pillow has dried completely. 

Spot Cleaning a Pillow

Keeping your pillow in good shape helps in the life of your latex pillow. Sometimes you will want to spot clean a pillow without doing a full cleaning. Spot cleaning gives you the opportunity to clean small areas without doing a complete clean. This can be helpful if small amounts of dirt get on a pillow. You can also use a spot clean for small spills or a person who drools. We have a few tips for safely spot cleaning a pillow.

Spot Cleaning a Foam Pillow

  • Make a cleaning solution - In a small bowl add 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of unscented dish detergent together. Using a scented soap can leave behind scents that might be a problem for those with allergies.
  • Dip a washcloth in the solution - Make sure to wring out the washcloth completely before using it on the pillow. You do not want excess moisture soaking into the pillow.
  • Treat the stain - Start in the center of the stain or mess and work your way outward cleaning the area. Rinse out the washcloth when needed making sure to wring out excess moisture.
  • Rinse well - After washing out the stained area, use a clean washrag and dip it in the cleaning mixture. Wring out well and wipe down the area you were spot cleaning. This will help to clean off any residual mess.
  • Air Dry - When you are done, air dry the pillow on a flat surface until completely dry. When dry, put on a new pillowcase to protect the pillow from future spills. 

Opt for Hypoallergenic Pillowcases

Using a hypoallergenic pillowcase can help to protect your latex pillow from any spills or messes. Choosing a hypoallergenic pillowcase will help to maintain the allergy benefits of a latex pillow as well. Using a pillowcase will also protect your pillow from dust or germs. One quality option for pillowcases is an organic cotton pillowcase. These pillowcases will offer the protection you need for your pillow case.

When to replace your latex pillow

Part of pillow care is knowing when it is time to replace your latex pillow. Latex pillows will last longer than many of the lesser pillow varieties. In general, a latex pillow can last for two to four years. You will want to purchase a new pillow if yours gets stained, gets too wet, or if you start to have neck pain. If your latex pillow stops offering you the same support it may be time to make a switch. It is also time to purchase a new latex pillow if yours gets stained or dirt that will not easily wash off.

Things not to do with your latex pillow

One part of latex pillow care is knowing what you should not do. There are a few simple things to avoid when caring for a latex pillow. While you can clean many of the small messes, there are some things that can limit the effectiveness of a latex pillow. If you are going to invest in a latex pillow you will want to do all you can to care for it. Here are a few things not to do with your latex pillow.

"Don’ts" for latex pillow care

  • Do not wash latex pillows in the washing machine - Washing machines will damage your latex pillow. You will want to use the care methods above instead of using a washing machine to care for your pillow.
  • Do not put latex pillows in the dryer - Using a dryer can cause the latex pillow to break down or become damaged. The high heat is bad for the makeup of the pillow.
  • Do not use chemical cleaners - You will want to use natural or low chemical cleaners when cleaning latex pillows. This will protect them from damage and maintain the integrity of the allergy free benefits offered by the pillow.
  • Do not leave outside for long periods of time - The high heat of outside and potential moisture of the outdoors can be damaging to a latex pillow. You will want to avoid bringing latex pillows into high heat or moisture environments. 

5 Types of latex pillows

When picking out a new type of pillow, it can be difficult to find the right fit. However, latex pillows come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to help you get your best sleep. When choosing a pillow you will want to look at what best serves your needs. This might mean switching out for a pillow for a certain sleep position. Here are a few tips of latex pillows to consider.

  1. Neck roll pillow - A neck roll pillow is used to help with positioning. Some people will use these for added neck support while others will use these under the knees for better back alignment.
  2. Side sleeping pillow - A side sleeping pillow is designed to meet the needs of someone who chooses to sleep on their side. The shape of this pillow is designed to help best support someone who sleeps primarily on their side.
  3. Bed roll pillow - Bed roll pillows are in a completely different shape. Often called travel pillows, these can be great to add support to the head or can be used below the knees for added support.
  4. Body pillow - A body pillow is designed to support the entire body in a variety of positions. Body pillows are often used by women who are pregnant.
  5. Organic pillows - Organic pillows are made from organic materials. For those who are concerned with certain items impacting their allergies, organic pillows are a natural choice. 
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