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Organic Eco-Friendly Kapok Fiber and Natural Latex Bed Pillows - Side Sleeper Pillow - King, Queen, Standard Size - Cooling bed pillows for Side and Back Sleepers

Organic Eco-Friendly Kapok Fiber and Natural Latex Bed Pillows - Side Sleeper Pillow - King, Queen, Standard Size - Cooling bed pillows for Side and Back Sleepers

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Specially designed for side sleepers, the Organic Side Sleeper is your solution to a great night's sleep.

This pillow is designed with personalized comfort in mind. Its central feature is its adjustable loft, which can be raised or lowered simply by removing its comfortable and supportive filling.

This allows sleepers to customize their pillows to find the height and firmness that works best for them. The filling itself is a proprietary mix of Natural Talalay cross-cut latex & kapok fiber.

Not only are these materials non-toxic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and non-allergenic, they're also breathable, working in tandem with the Side Sleeper's open ventilation design to keep your head cool and comfy all night long.

This Side Sleeper latex pillow is completed with a 100% organic cotton cover. If sweet dreams and going green are your two top priorities, there is no better choice for your bed.

Handmade in California with master attention to quality at every seam, the  Customizable Organic Side Sleeper Pillow is the next step in side-sleeping innovation.

Care Instructions


Standard: 27" x 17" x 6"

Queen: 31" x 17" x 6"

King: 37" x 17" x 6" 

Cover: Certified Organic Cotton Knit Cover

Use with the Queen Organic Cotton Pillowcase for Side Sleeper Pillows (sold separately)

Fill Material

90% Cross Cut Natural Talalay Latex 

10% Kapok Fiber

Care Instructions

The fill-in our pillows is not designed to be washed but is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. The zippered cover is spot clean only. The easiest way to keep your pillow clean is to protect it with a pillowcase. We have pillowcases for our side sleeper pillows available here: or you can use your favourite queen size pillowcase.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
LOVE LOVE LOVE this side-sleeper pillow!

We have gone through so many pillows and wasted so much money - until now! So thankful we found this side-sleeper pillow. We have a king-size mattress, but love the regular-size pillow, so we don't have to navigate king-pillow real estate. We are sleeping so well with this new pillow!

I like it!

I like that it is made of natural organic fibers. Clever design. Good support. Thumbs up.

Sweet Sleeping

I received my new pillow and silk pillowcase and love both. The organic side sleeper cradles my head and neck perfectly. It has helped with my sore neck.

Lauri McDaniel

I really like the pillow. I thought it was a bit too fluffy so I just took out some of the foam pieces inside and now it's great!

Whitney King

This side sleeper pillow is HEAVEN! It cradles your head, neck and shoulders so flawlessly. have NEVER had a more comfortable pillow. You can adjust the amount of filling to suit your exact support/comfort needs.
The cover is organic cotton, which is so hard to find, and is so much better than polyester. It breathes so well and stays cool all night. It is hypoallergenic and has no awful chemical smell or harmful substances (unlike many brands)
It works great with regular rectangle shaped pillow cases, but their custom fit ones are really lovely and look great!
The customer service was amazing, Paige was so helpful and patient and just really lovely while helping me get exactly the right pillow.
I am a side sleeper that tosses around a lot and it’s still incredibly comfortable on my back or stomach. I sometimes fluff it up just to make sure all the filling is exactly where I like but it doesn’t flatten out. It’s not quite as plush as down, your head doesn’t just sink through to the mattress, but it’s still fluffy like a cloud. It’s not rock hard like memory foam, but it does conform to your shape and has the support of memory foam. Seriously a perfect balance!
I have never liked a pillow as much as this pillow, I have insomnia and have such a tough time sleeping, and having a great pillow/bed is essential for a good nights sleep, and at the very least being really comfortable when you can’t manage get to sleep!