• The Great Debate: Synthetic vs Organic Pillows

    A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable pillow. The type we use, whether it’s feather, down, memory foam, or something else, contributes to our physical and mental health. However, waking up refreshed, without neck pain, and without a stuffy nose, every morning can be tied to the type of pillow filling you use. This is why we love organic latex pillows.
  • Counting Sheep is So Last Year: 5 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

    Are you spending more time trying to fall asleep rather than actually sleeping? You’re not alone. Just the act of trying too hard can cause (or continue) a cycle of anxious, nerve-wracking energy that keeps our minds awake.

    Poor sleep can have negative effects on many parts of your body and brain, including learning, memory, mood, emotions, and various biological functions. Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to your quality of sleep.
  • Side Sleepers Unite! What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

    Chances are you have a specific way that you tend to sleep every night. Whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or log sleeper, your sleep position could say a lot about you, or nothing at all, depending on whom you ask.
  • Is Your Bed Making You Fat?

    Making new eating choices and health choices can be a big change. Adding in new foods or eliminating poor exercise habits can be a big sacrifice. These sacrifices are worth it though when you start to achieve your health goals. Did you know your mattress and your pillows could be working against your health goals? Find out how your bed could work negatively affecting your health without you even realizing it.
  • The Great Pillow Debate: Latex vs Memory Foam Pillows

    Finding the right pillow can make a world of difference in the quality of sleep you get. There are so many pillows on the market though. This can make it more difficult to pick a pillow that is sure to be right. The material a pillow is made of can have a huge impact on whether it’s a good pillow or not. Many people ask us “Which is better, latex or memory foam pillows?” We’ve got answers.
  • Pillow Talk: 10 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Sleep

    Getting a good night’s sleep can be a game-changer. When you sleep on your own it can be easy to set things up to get your best sleep. Adding someone else to the equation can make sleep a little more complicated. While you know your behaviors and needs, you may not always know your partner’s. We want to share sleep questions to ask your partner for a better night’s sleep!
  • How Long Will My Latex Pillows Last

    Purchasing new pillows can be a leap of faith. There are so many options on the market and it can be hard to pick just one. Choosing a latex pillow is definitely a step in the right direction. With so many health benefits that latex pillows provide, it is a natural choice. There is one question many people ask though, “How long do latex pillows last?” We have the answer for you.
  • What is the Difference Between Noodled and Shredded Latex Pillows?

    When shopping for pillows it’s easy to get confused. There are so many different types of pillows and each one offers the “best sleep” you’ll ever get in your life or how their pillow offers you health benefits. Each pillow company will talk about their pillow and the fact that it is made with the best products on the market. In order to make sure you are buying the right pillow for you, it is important to understand what’s in your pillow. Not all pillows are created equally and some companies may hide important facts about the process from you. So what is the difference between a noodled and a shredded latex pillow?
  • How to Care for Latex Pillows

    Latex pillows are a luxury bedding product that can bring years of restful nights. They offer support for sleepers with firmer pillows. The natural latex material also tends to last longer and have fewer allergens. Another benefit is that they last longer. One of the most important things is learning how to care for latex pillows in the right way.
  • How Latex Pillows Promote Good Health

    Do you wake up feeling achy and stiff? When you do not have the proper support for your neck and head while you sleep, you risk stressing and possibly even damaging your neck muscles. The pillow you sleep on accounts for twenty percent of your sleeping surface, so it's essential to have one that appropriately supports your shoulders, neck, and head. Just like having a good mattress is important for a good night's sleep, it is also important to have a good pillow for proper support.
  • How to Prevent Neck Pain and Sleep Better

    Most likely, you’ve woken up in the morning with a stiff neck at least once. A painful neck is no joke. The decreased mobility causes stress and is enough to ruin your whole day. Why do we get neck pain in the first place? Your cervical spine, located at the top of your spine, has a big job. It’s twisting and turning and bearing the weight of your head all day long. After a while those neck muscles get tired. And if your neck is misaligned at all, then it’s only adding to the issue.
    Other factors such as stress, sleeping in the wrong position, and on the wrong type of pillow, all contribute to a sore neck. We’ve put together some tips for getting a great night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and pain-free.
  • Benefits of Natural Latex Pillows

    A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable pillow. The type we use, whether it’s feather, down, memory foam, or something else, contributes to ...