What is the Difference Between Noodled and Shredded Latex Pillows?

What is the Difference Between Noodled and Shredded Latex Pillows?

When shopping for pillows it’s easy to get confused. There are so many different types of pillows and each one offers the “best sleep” you’ll ever get in your life or how their pillow offers you health benefits. Each pillow company will talk about their pillow and the fact that it is made with the best products on the market. In order to make sure you are buying the right pillow for you, it is important to understand what’s in your pillow. Not all pillows are created equally and some companies may hide important facts about the process from you. So what is the difference between a noodled and a shredded latex pillow?

What is the difference between a noodled and a shredded latex pillow?

Understanding the difference between the items inside of your pillow can help you make the best investment when deciding on a pillow. The terms noodled latex and shredded latex are often used to describe pillows as well as cross cut latex. While these terms are common, they are also often confusing to consumers and can leave customers concerned about whether they are making the best possible purchase. For many, the real question is whether it’s a good side sleeper pillow or whether they should choose organic pillows. Here are a few facts to keep in mind when looking at pillows that have more to do with what is inside of the pillow than how you would use it.

What is noodled latex?

Natural latex can be run through a very small diameter noodle extruder. This can make them feel very dense. Larger sized extruders are run with synthetic or blended latex because natural latex cannot be run through larger extruders as it will not hold together. There are pillow manufacturers using larger diameter noodles that claim to be natural latex. However, they are more than likely making false claims due to the nature of the manufacturing processes. When a pillow company works with noodled latex, they are actually working with a blended latex option that may not offer the same quality as its opposition, the shredded latex pillow.

What is shredded latex?

Shredded latex is the byproduct of left over latex from other items such as mattresses or toppers. When making these products, there is often leftover material that is repurposed for pillows. While this can seem like a great way to use excess material, it can actually be bad for the quality of pillow you receive. The reason is that the latex used for shredded latex pillows can come from a variety of firmness levels of latex. This could mean that your pillow could be made from firm, medium, soft, and extra soft latex leftovers.

Another thing to keep in mind about shredded latex is that it is often run through a machine. The machine rips and tears these in uneven pieces and can leave behind some powdery residue. This is then all mixed together. With shredded latex, you are looking at a blend of whatever the excess is that is available to the manufacturer of the pillow at that time. This will mean that you will have an inconsistent product of varied firmness and quality placed into your pillow.

Is there a latex pillow option other than noodled or shredded latex?

Another type of latex pillow to consider is cross cut latex. Cross cut latex uses a specially designed equipment that is designed and manufactured for the company. Companies using cross cut latex will run first quality latex cores through the cutter to cut specific sizes of latex. This is not the same as a rips or tearing approach that you would find with shredded latex. With this approach, you avoid residues, have a specific firmness, and can guarantee the same combination every time. When choosing a pillow it is important to pick from a company that uses cross cut latex in their pillows. Not only will you get a safer product, you will get a more consistent experience with every pillow you buy.

Why does the type of latex used in a pillow matter?

When looking at the different types of latex in pillows, it can be tempting to just pick one that looks good. While this might seem simpler, there can be some downsides to picking the wrong type of latex pillow. Spending a bit more time on researching your pillows can help you to make the right investment. Investing in a latex pillow can be helpful for allergies and so much more. However, it isn’t just about investing in a latex pillow, it’s about investing in the right latex pillow. Here are a few of the reasons types of latex matter.

  • Type of latex impacts firmness of the pillow - When you choose a pillow made with certain varieties of latex, you may find that the firmness of that pillow is not consistent. This has to do with the process of creating the fill that goes into the pillow. By choosing an option that can guarantee the same quality across its products, you will get a pillow that is sure to work for you in the long term.
  • Not all latex is created equal - Some latex blends are not as natural as they may claim. For instance, noodled latex is actually a blend of a few different types of latex and is not completely natural latex. When choosing latex pillows it is important to opt for a pillow company that is filling pillows with truly natural latex. This difference can have an impact on the overall quality of the pillow.
  • Some have residues you may not want - The way that some latex is processed can leave behind dust and residue from breaking apart the latex. This residue may not be the best for you to be sleeping on over time. If you are opting for a latex pillow for health reasons such as allergies make sure to stay clear of pillow fillers that use methods that will leave behind residues. These residues should not be part of your pillow’s filling.
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