Which Pillow is Right for You?

Which Pillow is Right for You?

A pillow is just a pillow...that is what many people think. However, they would be wrong! The pillow you use can play a significant role in just how well you sleep at night. Thus, your pillow is something that you do not want to sacrifice, otherwise you could be sacrificing how well you sleep. If you wake up with a pain in your neck, this is one of the biggest signs that your pillow is to blame for how awful you may be sleeping.

The Key to the Right Pillow

The key to choosing the right pillow is going to depend upon the way that you sleep. There are pillows designed for every type of sleeper out there, that are geared at getting you the best night's sleep that you can possibly get. You will find that at Sleep Artisan, you are going to find an array of pillows that are made from all natural ingredients to ensure that allergies are minimized and comfort is maximized. 

The Top Sleeping Positions 

  • Back sleeper
  • Stomach sleeper
  • Side sleeper

Everyone will fall under one of these categories as to how they sleep.

Back Sleepers

For those who sleep on their back, they may find that their neck may feel like they are in a pinched position. This is why most pillows are going to be thinner when they are catering to a back sleeper. While it is thinner, it has a bit more room on the bottom of the pillow to help cradle the neck. Many people find that a latex type of pillow is going to offer the best support since you do need something that is going to mold to the head and neck  while still offering support.

Stomach Sleeper

If you sleep on your stomach, you are going to find that you may need the thinnest pillow out there. In fact, stomach sleepers are often encouraged to sleep on their side and use a body pillow to have something pressed against their stomach to help them sleep in a position that is more conductive of a good night's sleep.

Side Sleeper

A side sleeper needs to go with a firm pillow that also has a higher loft so that the area between the ear and the shoulder is cradled properly. You will find that using a pillow between your knees can also help with your sleep position to make this more comfortable and allow you to sleep better. 

The importance of having the right pillow cannot be overstated. The better your pillow for your sleeping position, the better rested you are going to be. If you find that your neck hurts, your back feels off or you even wake up with a headache every morning, your pillow may be the reason. If you want to make a change in your sleep patterns, then start with your pillow as many people do not realize just how much their pillow could be affecting their sleep.

If you’re looking for a great pillow that’s perfect for your sleeping style, contact Sleep Artisan today.


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