The Benefits of Removing Toxins From Your Bedroom

The Benefits of Removing Toxins From Your Bedroom

Your bedroom, a place where you should be having sweet dreams, can easily become a nightmare. Many are not aware of the dangers that could be lurking inside your bedroom that are responsible for wreaking havoc on your health. One significant source of toxins could be the pillow you rest your head on each night.

Indoor Pollution in a Bedroom

Pollution is generally associated with the outdoors. Generally, people feel once they've gone inside, they are no longer susceptible to pollution. This belief is not necessarily true as indoor pollution can be just as dangerous or, in some cases, more dangerous than what we find outside.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend a great deal of their time inside. The concentration of certain pollutants can be five times higher than what a person is exposed to outside. While the issue is present in any room, the bedroom is more of a concern as we spend most of our time in this room.

Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom With Proper Mattress

A mattress can be filled with toxic chemicals. Mattresses that use polyurethane foam are common ones and give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds.) Other hazards with mattresses are those with flame-retardant chemicals and PVC. These two chemicals have been linked to hormone disruptions and certain types of cancer.

To reduce or eliminate your risks of sleeping on a dangerous mattress, check the tag before buying. An Environmental Working Group suggests you look for a mattress with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. When you purchase a mattress with this certificate, you are avoiding one with VOCs and fire retardants.

How to Remove Toxins From Your Bedroom with the Right Pillow

Your mattress is not the only product that can emit VOCs; your pillow can also be responsible for these dangerous chemicals. Pillows made from memory foam can be as dangerous as a mattress made from these materials. Your nose is often buried in your pillow or at least only fractions of an inch away from the materials, and spends the night breathing in these harsh compounds.

Dust mites and mold are other issues that can arise from your pillow, as well as other allergens that will accumulate. Dust mites can build up and cause you serious allergic reactions that you may be blaming on something else. People tend to keep their pillows for years, so it is easy to dismiss something you've had for some time as being responsible for a new health issue.

If you are suffering any type of allergy symptoms, start by replacing your pillow with a hypoallergenic pillow. Even if you are not showing signs, but have had your pillow for several years, it could be to your advantage to replace your current pillow with a hypoallergenic pillow. Performing this replacement could prevent you from developing any allergy-related problems.

Organic Bedding Removes Toxin Dangers from Your Bedroom

The Sleep Artisan is a family-owned company that can combat your dangers from an old or unsafely filled pillow. Their organic bedding is the finest bedding products that use only premium natural materials. These pillows are made in the State of California with a natural latex that will outperform memory foam in sustainability, consistency, and breathability.

All pillows made by Sleep Artisan are a hypoallergenic pillow and promise to be allergy-resistant naturally. Your pillow plays a significant role in how you sleep at night. The Sleep Artisan hypoallergenic pillow will provide you with the necessary support to your shoulders, neck, head, and upper back; you need to get that good night's sleep.

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