Side Sleepers: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Side Sleepers: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you a side sleeper? At night, are you most comfortable when you are lying on your side? For some people, they do this so that they sleep towards the door, which is often the case for those who may have a few issues with claustrophobia. However, other people simply find it comfortable to be a side sleeper. However, those who are side sleepers are often praised for this position. They are the ones that are less likely to snore when compared to back sleepers. In addition, side sleeping can aid in digestion and circulation! With this being said, what do side sleepers need to know to ensure they have a great night’s sleep?

What Type of Pillow Do You Have?

Take a look at your pillow, what type do you have? Is it one that you just picked up at the store and never thought about? If so, you could be missing out! Pillows that are designed for side sleepers are out there. When you are not using a pillow designed for side sleeping you will find that as you sleep your head falls forward, which puts your entire spine out of whack. In the morning you could have neck and back pain from sleeping in this awkward position. You will find that a side sleeping pillow is going to give you stability on the neck and shoulders to prevent these issues from occurring. 

Consider Putting a Pillow Between Your Knees

One of the best ways to keep your back from hurting when you are a side sleeper is to put a pillow in between your knees. This will keep your spine straight and help to alleviate any pressure points that you may be dealing with. 

Get a Softer Mattress 

Side sleepers are going to benefit most from a soft mattress that is going to allow their shoulders and hips to sink into rather than fighting against. Due to their position, if these locations are not allowed to get some relief, they are going to hurt the next morning! Most side sleepers choose a mattress that is between a 5 and 6 on the firmness scale for the best results.

Choose the Right Side 

When you go to sleep on your side, which side is this? Is it your right or your left? While you will want to do what is most comfortable, you are going to find that sleeping on your left is the best option. Basically, when you sleep on your left side, you are going to find that this makes everything easier on your organs. Sleeping on your right side is still an option, but be warned that those who do often suffer with more heartburn due to this side not aiding in digestion as well.

 For those who sleep on their side, they are going to find that this position may be super comfortable for them if they listen to these tips and ensure they have the right pillows, mattress and are sleeping on the right side. If you’re looking for a great side sleeper pillow, check out our line of pillows at Sleep Artisan today.


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