Advantages of Natural Latex

Advantages of Natural Latex

When you are looking for a mattress, sheets or other bedding, you will notice that many of the ingredients in these products are items that you cannot even pronounce.

Especially when it comes to mattresses.

When looking at various mattresses on the market, you may notice that professionals recommend that you change out your mattress every 8 years or so.

This is not due to the wear and tear that it may have, but due to the ingredients of this mattress that makes it break down and become uncomfortable after this time frame.

That is one of the things that you do not have to worry about when you switch to natural latex. 

natural latex pillow mattress

Natural latex was introduced around 70 years ago, so it has been fully studied and integrated into mattresses and pillows.

Due to the benefits that it offers, it is leaps and bounds above other mattress and pillow materials out there.



Why is Natural Latex the Better Option?

When you hear about natural latex, probably the “natural” is what stands out. In today’s time, more people are trying to go with all natural products to avoid allergic reactions and other adverse issues.

There are several benefits to natural latex. These include:

  • When natural latex is manufactured, the process ensures that it contours easily and then goes back to form quickly when compared to unnatural methods. In addition, thanks to the natural latex manufacturing process, it can repeat the process of going back to its form more times...resulting in it lasting longer.
  • Synthetic foams, as well as memory foams, capture body heat, which can result in more perspiration. Natural latex has an open cell structure which allows the air to circulate more naturally and this helps ensure your body temperature stays cool.
  • Natural latex is resistant to mold, and is a natural barrier to dust mites. We shed millions of microscopic skin cells at night so it's imperative to not create an environment where bacteria can thrive.
  • It tends to be more expensive than memory foam and man-made foams as it’s a premium ingredient.
  • It's eco-Institut Certified: Our natural latex holds the independent certification from the eco-institut. This means that our latex has been proven to exceed the legal requirements for quality and health. 
  • Our natural latex does not emit a chemical odor, unlike memory foam or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

  • Natural latex is environmentally conscious. The harvesting of the sap is sustainable; and the rubber trees help to purify the air and water. Latex, despite being so highly durable and resilient, is biodegradable.

 How Well Do You Sleep? 

For those who think that natural latex doesn’t make that big of a difference, consider this question: how well do you sleep?

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning with sore spots that feel like you worked out hard or even pulled a muscle?

Do you find that you cannot sleep all the way through the night?

When you are having these types of issues many times you will find that the mattress or pillow that you use could be the problem.

For those who are chronic allergy sufferers, you may be surprised to find out that your pillow and mattress could be to blame for the issues that you are having.

Or at least the issues you have while at home, while you cannot avoid pollen and other allergens while outdoors, you can make your home an allergen free area.

And natural latex is one of the ways in which you can do this! At Sleep Artisan, you are going to find that it is easier than ever to make the switch to natural latex products. Check out our products today. 

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