Is your sleep as restful as it could be?

Is your sleep as restful as it could be?

For most people, the unfortunate answer is no. 

And an important truth to keep in mind is that sleep is the foundation of health.

So let me ask you a question.

After staying up too late, working too hard or being super-stressed out have you ever felt rundown and sick?

If so then you’re in good company.

Most people have experienced illness due to a lack of or poor sleep. 

One reason this happens is that while you’re sleeping, your body gets to recover and reset. 

The best way for this to happen is by being sure you have a comfortable temperature, good air quality, and a proper sleeping position.

Well, you’re in luck.

Let me introduce you to...

The Sleep Artisan Luxury Pillow Collection


For many years my family has been involved in the organic bedding industry which means I’m well aware of what’s out there. But, I couldn't find anything that I thought was good enough for my own family.

None of it had the right combination of material quality, health benefits, and pricing that I was comfortable with. 

And, if I wouldn't give it to my own family I didn't want to sell it to you either. So, the only option left was to make the pillow myself. 

I poured myself into extensive research to find the best materials for breathability, creepy critter resistance, and ease of care. Then we decided to produce the pillows right here in the United States of America.

Your Sleep Artisan pillow is handmade in our California facility and inspected for perfection before shipping.

Do you remember above the three things I told you you needed to have for your body to properly rest and recover?

  1. Comfortable temperature
  2. Good air quality
  3. Proper sleeping position 

Well, the Sleep artisan luxury pillows cover all three of these qualities. 

The materials inside never get pancaked down so you get good airflow for temperature control.

The materials are hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant so that the air quality around your head and face is always good. 

And, the pillows are completely adjustable, so that you can set up the best sleeping position just for you. 

Oh by the way,  

If you're a side sleeper we've got you covered there too. Because the luxury side sleeper pillow is ergonomically designed to give the best support possible for side sleepers just like you. 

Remember that your luxury pillow is fully inspected before leaving the production facility in California so you can rest assured that your pillow will be in top shape when it reaches you and it will last a long long time.

Not only that, but we’re so confident that you’ll love your new pillow that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

One more thing you might be interested in.

The natural latex in our pillows comes from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree (Rubber tree) and it outperforms most other pillows, like memory foam, in the areas of: 

  • Breathability
  • ​Sustainability
  • ​Consistency

The natural latex is also ​Oeko-Tex Class 1 Baby Safe Certified.

Also, when you order your pillows we cut the latex, make the pillows, hermetically seal and ship them all on the same day. That means your pillow is clean, fresh and pure the day it arrives at your home. 

At this point, you’ve got a choice to make. 

You could stick with your current flattened, dusty, unsupportive pillow that you know you don't like anyway. The one that makes you toss and turn and lose that all-important REM sleep. 


You could give yourself the luxurious gift of restful, recovery filled health-boosting sleep that you, your family, and friends deserve. 

Click here for the best most restful sleep of your life right now.

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