Creative Ways to Destress During the Work Week

Creative Ways to Destress During the Work Week

These days there is no shortage of research showing the negative effects of stress on our sleep and overall health.

Our fast-paced society and high-stress work environments are causing a new level of stress that humanity is facing for the first time ever.

According to Forbes magazine, studies are showing that the more strife you’re dealing with at work, the more you need a fun, relaxing, or at least distracting cushion activity to jump into after work before you go into your normal nightly routine.

Though it may sound simple, the benefits of this are off the charts: your quality of sleep will dramatically increase, improving your overall quality of life, and decreasing your stress at work!

We've compiled a list of some activities from Lifehack known to decrease stress, increase levels of creativity, and dare we say it…FUN. Check out these ideas and choose a few to incorporate into your work week!


1. Go for a Walk

If Passion Pit’s song doesn’t convince you enough, I don’t know what will! Taking a walk is so light, so simple, so easy… but it’s an opportunity for simple reflection and mind-wandering plus an added physical component. 

2. Listen to Music

Get lost in some tunes, and you will find your special place. Hint: calming music can especially help relax you.

3. Dance like no one’s watching!

 Sound silly? That’s because it is silly, you silly goose. Dancing will make you feel good, promise. Bonus– it also reduces muscle tension, and you can go along with your favorite beats. 


4. Exercise

I know, I know– you just want a break, and perhaps tiring yourself out even more is the last thing on your mind. But trust me, this is gold. Exercise triggers the brain to release feel-good hormones called endorphins, which will– erhm– make you feel good. Yeah, it really is that simple. 


5. Unplug from social media

Constant connection to social media can spread you thin. It’s simple: challenge yourself to stay away from anything that sends you notifications. The less connected we are to the vast social world on the net, the more connected we are to ourselves.

6. Read

Imagine: rainy days, cozy nook, interesting book. Sound calming? That’s because it is. Oh, and congrats on visualizing that description! That’s also a relaxing activity ( See #8) 

7. Spend time with friends

Humans are social creatures. A lot of these relaxation steps involve much alone-time, but the truth is that hanging with the people you like will make you care-free and feel good. Simple science, really. 

8. Be bored!

Say what? Yep, being bored can actually spur your creativity levels, which will undeniably get you to have some fun and bring out your inner child– or inventor. In a nutshell, it’s just another way to relax.

9. Visualize 

This is a nice technique that tricks the brain and subsequently calms you down. Imagine yourself at your favorite spot– on the beach? The more imagery, the better. 


10. Be Spontaneous

Take an alternate route to work, spice up your morning routine, or take an impromptu trip to your favorite store. We’re so entrenched in routine, but a bit of spontaneity once in a while is good for you.

11. Breath 

Probably the easiest thing you can do, and it takes only a few seconds. No matter where you are or however difficult the situation at hand maybe, taking a deep breath can calm you down. 

12. Make Art

Creating art has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and increase positive emotions! When you make art, your mind can let go of the stresses of life and focus on the tasks at hand. This helps increase mental clarity!

Let's start being intentional about having FUN. We promise a little bit of fun can go a long way. We hope this inspires you to start having some fun!

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