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About Us

Paige and Chris Homen, owners and founders of Sleep Artisan, don’t just produce wholesome products, they also live a wholesome life. Married for 30 years, they continue to walk in alignment, living organic, environmentally-conscious lives. Living happily on their 90-acre ranch in the country, the couple grows their own organic, non-GMO food, they sustain their animals with organic feed, and eliminate as many toxins in their life as possible. 

They say it’s not always easy to live a fully organic lifestyle, but it’s worth it to continue to put in the effort. This drive to live organically fuels their business model as well. 

The Sleep Artisan manufacturing facility is eco-friendly and produces near zero waste. In fact, in their first year in business, they didn’t even need garbage service. Today, they recycle everything they can, and have even found neighboring businesses that repurpose most of their material packaging, and only need one trash can that gets picked up once a week. While they are laser-focused on doing their part for the environment, they are also very in-tune with their customers. 

“We are very transparent with our customers. There’s so much greenwashing going on these days; we feel it’s so important for our customers to know exactly what they will be laying their heads on,” says Paige. 

In fact, quality is so important to Paige and Chris that they won’t produce a cheaper version for wholesale, even though they’ve been approached by various larger companies to do so. Substandard work is not their thing, “even to our demise,” laughs Paige. “We could have grown our company much faster by cutting corners, but we are perfectionists and have stringent quality controls in place.” 

The idea to start Sleep Artisan came from their combined background running an organic mattress production facility. They ran that company for over 11 years and eventually began coming up with ideas for products that they couldn’t make there, due to equipment restrictions. They were passionate about healthy sleep and thinking of ways to diminish the cost barrier so that all consumers could have access to bedding products with fewer chemicals.

Paige and Chris enjoyed working together, and after their daughter graduated from UCSB they were empty nesters.  With a little more time on their hands they decided it was time to seriously consider branching off on their own. After 8 months of talking, strategizing, and researching, they formed Sleep Artisan. This was in 2016, and their first products were a line of natural mattresses and pillows that they sold wholesale to small boutique stores.

Their business really took off after creating a side sleeper pillow, in hopes of offering a more robust pillow line. The pillow was so successful that one of their customers opened an entire bedding store based on their experience using it! It was that pillow that changed their business model from a mattress company to what it is now.

They are proud that Sleep Artisan is truly a family affair. While Chris and Paige are the main artery behind the company, their daughter and son-in-law make great models for product photography, mom helps in the office, and dad owns a metal fabrication shop and has been a huge help with custom equipment manufacturing.

Their values are based on the belief that everyone deserves healthy sleep on quality products with pure ingredients, and at an affordable price. “Once you start using sleep products with natural and organic ingredients, you become very aware of the smells of chemicals in non-organic items. Most people can’t tolerate synthetic products once they’ve made the switch to organic,” says Chris. 

“It truly makes our day when we hear from our customer’s how much better they are sleeping with our pillows and how much it has improved their life!”