About Us

Organic is not a Buzzword, It’s a Philosophy for Life

For our Sleep Artisan founders Paige and Chris Homen, “organic” is not a thing to be produced. Instead it is a way of life, starting with their 90-acre ranch. The couple grows their own organic, non-GMO food, and they even sustain their animals with organic feed. 

This philosophy extends all of us here at Sleep Artisan. After running an organic mattress company for over a decade, the duo wanted to bring a more affordable sleep device to consumers. After 8 months of talking, strategizing, and researching, they formed our Sleep Artisan team, and our first products were a line of natural mattresses and pillows that we sold wholesale to small boutique stores. 

Caring for Our Body Because It’s the Only One We Have

Sleep Artisan’s Side Sleeper Pillow became an instant bestseller, designed for those who sleep on their sides. Its unique curve supports your neck and shoulders whether you are on your side or back.  

Being made from 100% natural latex means our pillows are environmentally friendly, allergy resistant, and offer superior pressure relief which reduces tossing and turning to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. This results in better sleep supporting your physical and mental health.

All of our pillows feature:

  • A built-in customizable loft that can be raised or lowered so sleepers can easily find their perfect head position and spine alignment
  • A hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial fill
  • Natural latex designed for breathability for a cool and fresh feel all night long

At Sleep Artisan, all of our pillows come with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. Our products are made with the highest-quality, all-natural materials and will not be outdone when it comes to comfort, durability, and luxury for your bed.

“We are very transparent with our customers,” says Paige, who remains our fearless leader and CEO. “There’s so much greenwashing going on these days; we feel it’s so important for our customers to know exactly what they will be laying their heads on.” 

side sleeper pillow

Handcrafted in California by our Sleep Artisans

Just like Paige and Chris’s ranch, our Sleep Artisan manufacturing facility is eco-friendly and produces near zero waste. In fact, in our first year in business, we didn’t even need garbage service! 

Today, we still recycle everything they can and have even found neighboring businesses that repurpose most of our material packaging. We only need one trash can that gets picked up once a week. 

Perfect Work Every Time

This eco-friendly quality is so important to us that we won’t produce a cheaper version for wholesale, even though we’ve been approached by various larger companies to do so. Substandard work is not our thing. 

“Even to our demise,” laughs Paige. “We could have grown our company much faster by cutting corners, but we are perfectionists and have stringent quality controls in place.”

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hand-crafted, natural bedding products that help people sleep better. We are dedicated to helping people get a healthier night’s sleep, naturally.